a clean house is a happy home!

​​​What I'm showing you in this video is all you need to know to keep those clean blinds clean!

Enjoy the Clean!
Jan, the Head Rag Dragger

I will be the first to admit that this video is very poorly lit, but the floor length blinds was perfect to demonstrate how to clean them.  However, you should be able to get the gist of what I'm trying to show.  

I hope you have viewed my video on Cleaning Venetian Blinds Without Touching a Blade!, and have, in fact, cleaned your blinds.  From my experience venetian blinds should be washed at least once a year.  However, it is always a matter of what your personal threshold is for dirt and your particular environment that will dictate the frequency.  

But, now that they are really clean, you're going to want to keep them clean.  Dusting your blinds at least once a week using a Swiffer duster should do the job.  If you have blinds that are wide you will want to use the Swiffer that extends so you can reach the whole blind when dusting the back side.