a clean house is a happy home!

If you’re like me, you have lots and lots of magazines that you don’t throw away because there is something in each that you want to keep; a recipe, a home decorating idea, a hairdo, a seasonal craft project that you’d love to do for the kids or for the kids to do themselves.  So you keep them, stacks of them, however, when you go looking for that recipe or hairdo I dare you to find it!  Which magazine was it in?  Not sure, but you only have 231 more to go through! 

 The solution is relatively inexpensive, both of your time and money.  Get yourself an EXPANDING FILE FOLDER.  You can find them in your office store; Office Max, Office Depot, or at one of the large department stores; Target or Wal Mart or Walgreens in the stationary section.  They range in price from $5 to $7 dollars for the 13-pocket plastic case to the 21-pocket fiberboard file for $9.  Not a lot to pay to free yourself from the usual search and destroy mission to find that #%@*$#! recipe, is it?

 Buy your magazines like you always do, go through it the first time and enjoy what it has to offer.  If you see an article or recipe or hairdo and you say to yourself, “OOOOOH, I like that, maybe I’ll try it”, you don’t need to keep the whole magazine.

Get yourself one or two of these expanding files, a pair of scissors and you may also want a stapler.  Label each tab of your file with the categories that you are most likely to save stuff for.  My tabs are labeled:  Meats, veggies, deserts, meals, home ideas, exercise, health, …Wish List; you get my drift.   If you have small children or you are into various and assorted crafts and projects you might consider having a second file to accommodate those: like seasonal crafts, (crafts could have a section for each season) sewing, knitting, and so on, and so on…….

So back to the magazine, you’ve read it once and now it’s time to whack it up.  With you file and scissors at hand go through it a second time and cut out all the articles or pages that you think are of interest and file them in the appropriate sections (notice think is the operative word).  When you’re finished throw out what’s left of the magazine.  Close your file, put you scissors away and you’re done, for now anyway. 

Spring Clean those Magazines,  Catalogues and Stuff, OH MY!

​At some later date, when you have the time (Yeah, I hear you laughing – when do you ever have the time?) you can go through each section in your file and decide, if, in fact, you will actually try to make that Charlotte Russe, or that you can really make those cupcakes look like elephants.  I know, I’ve been there, done that! But the up side is if you really, really are ready to try that special dinner you saw on that two-page spread you’ll find it quickly and with no hassle.  Voila! 

Be creative when labeling the possible categories.  I have one labeled “stores”.  “Stores”?  you ask???  I live about 30 to 50 miles from “the shopping”.  So when I’m reading the newspaper and I come across stores that I’ve never been to, but interests me, I cut out the ad.  When I’m planning a trip into town I go to my file, empty the “stores” slot and see if any of the ads that I’ve saved are near where I’m going or were just so enticing that I just I gotta go. 

Believe me, if you saw an ad for a store in passing and then decide, after the fact, that you want or need to go there – I want to see you remember the name and address.  Again, it ain’t gonna happen!!!  Had you cut it out right then and there and filed it in your file – it would be there when you want it. 

I know, I know, I hear it too, about cutting up the paper before others have had a chance to read it.   Hey, all I can say is; you snooze, you loose.  Sometimes, in life, you just have to do these things.  My husband doesn’t understand, but that’s OK. 

So now, you have not only eliminated all those pesky piles of magazines you have, you have an attractive option to hide them in until you want them or need them.

Enjoy the neat and clean!
Jan, the “Head Rag Dragger”​


I have several methods for getting the stuff out of the magazine that I think I want.  For the thinner magazines like, Woman’s World or First, usually found at the checkout counter, I lay it open, remove the two staples and simply cut the magazine right up the middle.  Put the two halves back they way they were and start turning pages.  As you pass a page that has nothing on it that you want simply pitch it in the basket.  If the page has something on it cut it out or if you want the whole page remove it and file it in the appropriate slot in the file.  When you reach the back cover you’re done and the magazine is gone!  

For the larger magazines like BHG, Family Circle, that are glued at the spine, when I get to a page that I want I simply remove all the pages up to that page by tearing them from the binding.   (Picture at right).  Grasp tightly all the right side pages at the top, with your left hand on the top edge of all the left side pages and tear apart.  All the pages in your left hand go directly into the basket.  Again, when you get to the back cover everything is filed and the magazine has disappeared!  Voila again! 

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Read on if you want the details!
So you’ve decided to Spring Clean your house!  Good for you.  In my last blog I gave you a quick, down and dirty plan for getting started to do this job.  And if you followed my outline you may have actually done the deed on one of your rooms, however…..
Now that the place is clean you’re trying to figure how to keep it clean, neat and tidy.

For a lot of busy people it’s not so much the dirt, as it is the clutter that gets on their last nerve and frustrates them when all they simply want to do is clean their house.