a clean house is a happy home!

So you want to Spring Clean your house?

Getting Started.

It's that time of year again! Ahh, Spring! we hope and you are thinking about doing a spring clean on your house or maybe just a room.  But where to begin???  Need a plan?  Here's one that works!

Here is a quick, down and dirty way to jump start your Spring Cleaning.   I'm just going to give you an outline here because in my book, "The Lost Art of House Cleaning" I go into all the detail you could possibly want.  

  • Decide which room you're going to clean TODAY!
  • Get all your tools together, (Chapter 1, Products and Tools), dress for the job and turn the music on  - loud! (you have to hear it over the vacuum)
  • Get a large laundry basket, box, big trash bag, anything with sides (and a bottom) that is big and empty.
  • Starting at the door of the room you're going to clean, go around the room and deposit into your container of choice everything that is out of place or questionable; all that clutter that is so overwhelming.  Don't think about what is going into the container.  Just fill it up.  You can think about what you put in there later.  (Chapter 2, Stuff you Need to Know Before you Begin)
  • After you finished filling that basket (or box) move it out of the room.  Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Now take to the kitchen, or outside (Chapter 3, #2 of "The PATH") all those knick knacks, dodads and decorative objects that need to be cleaned. (Detailed explanation is in my book)
  • Now wash all those things you moved into the kitchen.  When that is done...
  • Now you can clean that room!  (Chapter 3,"The PATH".) 
  • After the room is cleaned, but before you do your floor, put everything back that you washed in the kitchen (or outside).
  • Now do your floor and you're done.

If you think you're going to do a spring clean in a room that is full of all that stuff, it just ain't gonna happen, not easily anyway.   You have a higher probability of getting the job done if you reduce the room to the absolute minimum: sofas, chairs, tables, lamps = just the Furniture.  If not, you're just going to get bogged down trying to clean all that "stuff" while trying to clean the room.  

Remember your goal is to clean that room!  After the room is cleaned you can deal with all that "stuff" you "stuffed" in the basket.  You'll probably find out that you can throw out most of what you collected.  If you do then there's a lesson to be learned here!  Why did you keep it and have it clutter your life in the first place?

Enjoy the clean!
Jan, the "Head Rag Dragger"