QUESTION:  Diluting the Krud Kutter

ANSWER:   I thought I was reasonably clear about this in my book, but obviously by the number of requests to clarify I guess I wasn't.  Use a clean spray bottle, determine total ounces it will h​old.  For example:  A 30 oz bottle will take 25 oz water and 5 oz Krud Kutter that is the 5:1 dilution.  IMPORTANT!!!! Put the water in first then add the Krud Kutter.  If you do it the other way around you will have bubbles up the ying yang and you'll never get the water in.  I know this from experience! 

​​​QUESTION:   Cleaning wood floors?  Cleaning Laminated flooring?  Cleaning Tile floors?

ANSWER: The easiest way to clean any of the above types of floors is to use Krud Kutter, diluted 5 parts water and 1 part Krud Kutter in a spray bottle.  Vinegar is not recommended on tile floors because it will dissolve the grout over time.  Wood floors  should have a good finish.  You will get your floors clean without streaks or smudges by changing your rag frequently.  In my book I recommend the Swiffer Max mop and lots of rags.  I suggest you change the rag for each section you clean.  Don't drag the dirt with you...look at you rag, if it's dirty so is the floor.  When the rag comes up clean so is the floor.

QUESTION:  Since the first interview went live I've had numerous requests to clarify the Old English polish issue that conflicts with information in my book.  

ANSWER:  Old English does not come in a gallon bottle so don't go looking for it.  And, my 3 primary cleaning products are still;  Krud Kutter, Soft Scrub and Vinegar.  However, Old English is used to, obviously. polish wood furniture and also to shine stainless appliances and sink if you have one and glass shower doors.  

Here are some of the most frequently asked Questions 

a clean house is a happy home!

QUESTION:  ​Why have I spent so much time explaining the Spring Clean or the Big Job in my book and minimal time explaining maintenance cleaning?

ANSWER:  The Spring Clean or Big Job sets the bar for what constitutes "clean"!  If you have recently moved into your house it's probably clean.  Doing regular maintenance just deals with the superficial dirt.  But at some point in the future everything is going to have to be really cleaned...that means washed.  If you have lived in your present location for several years chances are you need to do something besides dust your house and everything in it.  Here is a test.  You need the Krud Kutter and a clean "white" rag.  Now just spray a section of wall or an interior door in your primary bathroom, let it sit for 30 seconds and then wipe with the clean "white" rag.  Look at your rag, is it still clean?  I'm willing to bet the rag isn't white but the spot you just wiped is.  My point is you see dust bunnies or the ring in the toilet or the gobs of toothpaste in the sinks, but you don't see all the other dirt, the dirt that needs to be washed off.  The point is if you can do a proper spring clean, you can perform good maintenance cleaning.