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My bet is, if you were to add up what you're spending a year on cleaning products per year you'd probably have a heart attack!  $20?  $40?   Hundreds?  

How many different products have you purchased to do the same job?  How many window cleaners, furniture cleaners and polishes do you have?  Do you have a different product for every room, fixture and surface?  Oh Yeah, don't forget the stuff you have for the counters. How many mops have you purchased?  And you're still not happy with any of them!

Are you tired of buying every new product that you see in a commercial or in the store, hoping that one of them will make your life easier and your house cleaner.  The truth is all the cleaning products in the world won't get your house clean unless you have a no-fail, cast in concrete cleaning routine that you can follow.  But, more about that later.

I only use 3 products in both my cleaning company and my house.  All of them are readily available, inexpensive and actually do the job!  I've been using the same three products since 1998 and you're going to have to pry them from my cold, dead hands before I'd give them up. You can purchase these 3 products for under $20, which will be enough to clean the averaged sized house for a year.   

In my book The Lost Art of House Cleaning,  I have a chapter titled "Products and Tools".  I explain what tools and products you need, where to buy them, how to use them and why.  I even have pictures of everything so you know what you're looking for when you go shopping.  There is also a tear-out page at the back of the book so you don't have to take notes to go shopping.  

NOTE for those who purchased my book outside of the United States:  

Soft Scrub is a liquid cleanser with bleach.  Any similar product should do the same job.  

Krud Kutter has recently been purchased by Rust-Oleum and will be launching the product world-wide in the coming year.  So if you live in Australia, Germany or Canada it will be at a store near you soon.

Enjoy the Clean!

Jan, the Head Rag Dragger

Here's the more later that I promised you.

Do you get half way through cleaning a room and realize you're not exactly sure what's been cleaned and what hasn't?  That's why you want to buy my book The Lost Art of House Cleaning, it has a no-fail, cast in concrete cleaning routine that you can follow and it's call "The PATH"

I've owned a residential cleaning company since 2004, and this book is what I teach my employees.  It is a simple, easy to master routine that, if you follow it, guarantees you will get the job done, and you'll even be happy with the job too.  

a clean house is a happy home!

Some of the products and tools I recommend in the book.