a clean house is a happy home!


Everyone wants a clean house - But cleaning it could also be the bane of your life.  Don't confuse picking up your mess with cleaning.

My 5 tips for getting your house clean and keeping it clean are simple:

  1. Don't get it dirty!
  2. Don't put it down - put it away!
  3. Are your cleaning products and tools where the dirt is??
  4. Decide exactly what you plan to clean before you begin.
  5. Have a cleaning routine that does not vary.

Each of these tips may seem simple, but cleaning your house should be simple.  

No need to get wrapped around the axel just because it's time to clean.  If you have your tools and a plan, its no harder than making a cake.  Ever try making a cake without the receipt!  Good Luck!  Ever try cleaning your house without a receipt?

On my website, The Lost Art of House Cleaning, I explain each of these tips in detail and have lots of additional information on cleaning, organization, and a few of my latest Eureka! moments dealing with dirt.  Read my book The Lost Art of House Cleaning and you'll understand Items 3, 4, and 5.

Enjoy the Clean!
Jan, the Head Rag Dragger