a clean house is a happy home!

​​Cleaning old, dried grease can be a challange.  Grease turns to rock if it is old enough.  Use a good quality de-greaser, I recommend Krud Kutter,  and a green scrubbies.  If it's been a while since this was cleaned it may take a few times of spraying, scurbbing and wiping before you get it all clean.  

In my book The Lost Art of House CleaningI give you the list of the products and tools that we use, where to get them and how to use them.  Also, visit my website:  The Lost Art of House Cleaning to find more information on how to clean.  

House cleaning has been given a bad rap - Ok, it's not the most fun thing to do, but it has to get done. Why not learn how to clean your house efficiently and inexpensively.  

Enjoy the Clean!
Jan, the Head Rag Dragger

​​Photo #3 This is the cabinet and floor on the left side.   Even though she does most of her cooking on the right side she still ends up with this amount of dirt.  Which side of the range do you do most of your cooking from?  If I was cleaning your house and pulled your range out I would know if you were right or left-handed.  

Photo #2 is the right side of the counter the range was up against.  Also, notice the amount of 'stuff' (insert food, grease) that is on the floor.  Again, just wiping the top of your range probably isn't sufficient to 'clean your kitchen', or keep it smelling clean.  Most households should pull their range at least once a year, especially if you cook daily.  If, like me, I cook as little as possible, pulling the range every two years would probably be enough.

Photo #1 is the slime that has dripped down the side of the range unit.  This is old, smelly, and probably rancid grease and food.  If you go sniffing around your kitchen trying to figure out why it doesn't SMELL clean try pulling your range out. 

​​When was the last time your cleaned the range in your kitchen?   I don't mean just wipe off the top of the unit; but REALLY clean it?  

I own a residential house cleaning company and I wrote the book, The Lost Art of House Cleaning .  My book is a detailed step-by-step explaination on how 'to clean your house', based on how we clean our customer's houses.  Recently, we did a spring clean (also called the BIG JOB) on a customer's house.  

The house, on the surface, looked pretty good, until we pulled her range.  Poor thing, the owner almost had a heart attack.  She even took pictures to send to her daughter because she didn't believe there was so much dirt. Here are a few photos from that job. 

Cleaning the Stove - Over, Under and Around