a clean house is a happy home!

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you clean venetian blinds without touching a blade!

​​In these videos I used Krud Kutter full strength.  I'd recommend you buy a gallon bottle and apply it with a spray bottle.  My spray bottle obviously failed (started squeaking) but that's a small price to pay - it's cheaper than replacing the blinds when they get dirty.  If you have a lot of blinds to clean and you are using a conventional spray bottle by the time you finish the job your forearm muscles will look like Popeye's.  I have cleaned houses that have had large number of blinds to clean; the biggest job was a house with 23 sets.  Ouch!  For that job I bought a small pump sprayers. You've seen the big ones for applying stuff to lawns, in the garden sections.  I have found the smaller sized ones, slightly larger than a standard spray bottle.  You fill it up with Krud Kutter, close it, pump in air and then you just have to squeeze the lever and you get a continuous flow until you run out of air.  Then simply pump it full of air again and continue.  

The cleaning session was done by hanging the blinds from a porch railing (obviously) with bungee cords.  For those of you who have blinds but do not have a porch or railing don't fret.  I have cleaned blinds hanging them from a fence, over a clothes line, over a hedge, from the cross bar of a patio, you name it I've hung blinds from it to clean them.  If none of these options are available the last resort, which I have also used, is to lay a shower curtain liner on the ground (that will cost you $1.98), lay the blind on it and ​clean them.  Of course you will have to flip the blind over to get to the other side, but when you are done they will be clean.  If none of these options are available for you drop me a line and we'll figure it out.  

​The following videos demonstrate how to clean venetian blinds easily, quickly and most importantly, without touching a blade.  Why is that important you ask?  If you have ever cleaned those thin metal blinds you wouldn't be asking that question. 

HOW TO CLEAN VENETIAN BLINDS (without touching a blade!)