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After you have read my book you may not


to clean, but you probably won't hate it as much!

a clean house is a happy home!


WELCOME to what I hope will be your happy place when you're faced with cleaning your house!  Look, you have to clean your house sometime, that’s your only choice (or else you have to move!). 

Most people hate to clean their house, or apartment, or wherever they live, simply because they never learned how to clean! 

Eureka!! Salvation is at hand!!  My book, The Lost Art of House Cleaning, will go a long way to solving your cleaning problems once and for all. Well, not all your cleaning problems, but most of them, anyway. 

In my book, The Lost Art of House Cleaning, I give you an actual plan to follow to clean a single room or your whole house.  I’ve called it “The Path”.   Follow me my child and I'll show you the Path!

My book will take you by the hand and show you what to do, how to do it, and what to use.  This book is what I've taught every employee that has ever worked for me.  

​Enjoy the Clean!

​Jan, the Head Rag Dragger