Why I wrote this book.

I have owned a residential cleaning company for eight years and I've come to the conclusion that the art of house cleaning has all but been lost.

I believe I may be the only survivor who knows how to clean and I have a duty to pass on my wisdom and share the pain before it's too late.

After you read my book you may still not LOVE to clean, but you won't hate it as much either.

Do you think you could bake a cake with all the ingredients, but no recipe?  Bet you can't. 

Same with cleaning your house.  You got the dirt and dozens of cleaning products and don't know where to begin, using what, and how to finish.  Simple solution:  get my book and then contact me if you have any questions.

Enjoy the Clean!


the Head Rag Dragger

The Head Rag Dragger Has Spoken


WELCOME to, what I hope will be, your happy place when you're facing dirt! 

You’ve come to the conclusion you have to clean your house, it’s that, or move!  But, you’ve been offered a gig as a crash test dummy and you’re leaning heavily toward doing that instead of cleaning.  I feel your pain.

You’re not alone.  Most people hate to clean their house, or apartment, or wherever they live, simply because they don’t know how.

Eureka!! Salvation is at hand - My book,The Lost Art of House Cleaning, which will solve all your problems, once and for all. Well, not all your problems, but your cleaning problem anyway. 
The hope of this web site is to provide additional information and guidelines beyond what is in the book.  Hopefully, it will become an interactive resource for dealing with the every day problems of keeping your home from being designated a “Super Fund Ecological Disaster Area”.

Enjoy the Clean! 

Jan, the Head Rag Dragger.

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Your'e getting ready to go buy the products and tools you'll need to begin cleaning, but you'll need to make a list.  If you bought my book, the list is in there. To save you from rewriting it, or tearing the page out of the book, why not just download it here and print and go?  Especially helpful for those of you who bought the Kindle Edition.

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The lost art of house cleaning

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Cleaning 101

How old were you when, one Saturday morning, your mom said, “Go clean your room”.

That was it!  That was all the instruction or guidance you got.  Two hours later she came in and said, “What have you been doing all this time?  You didn’t do anything.  You’re grounded until it’s clean”.

Cleaning 101 - Failed

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